5 Key Ways to Celebrate Culturally Diverse Children's Books on World Book Day

5 tips to incorporating a culturally diverse class collection of books


Sade Fadipe

2/9/20242 min read

World Book Day 2024 is fast approaching and is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and to promote diversity in children's literature. By embracing culturally diverse children's books, we can open up new worlds for young readers and foster a sense of empathy and understanding.

Here are five key ways you can celebrate and promote culturally diverse children's books on World Book Day.

1. Organize a Book Swap

Encourage children to bring in their favorite culturally diverse books and organize a book swap at your school or local library. This allows children to share stories from their own heritage and discover new books from different cultures. It's a fun way to promote inclusivity and encourage children to explore diverse perspectives.

2. Host an Author Visit

Invite authors from diverse backgrounds to visit your school or community center. These authors can share their experiences and read from their books, providing children with a firsthand look into different cultures. It's a fantastic opportunity for children to engage with diverse voices and learn about the world through storytelling.

3. Create a Multicultural Book Display

Set up a dedicated display of culturally diverse children's books in your library or bookstore. Arrange the books by region or theme, making it easy for children to explore different cultures. Include books that highlight diverse characters and experiences, promoting inclusivity and representation.

4. Organize a local Storytelling event

Invite members of your community who have diverse cultural backgrounds to share traditional stories and folktales. Allowing children to learn about different cultures through the power of live storytelling is always a memorable ocassion for children, especially if it is a family memeber that comes in to do the session. Encourage children to ask questions and engage in discussions to deepen their understanding.

5. Include Culturally Diverse Books in the Class Collection

Work with educators to integrate culturally diverse children's books into the curriculum. This can be done through read-aloud sessions, book discussions, and writing activities. By incorporating these books into the classroom, children have the opportunity to learn about different cultures in a meaningful and educational way.

Remember, celebrating culturally diverse children's books is not limited to World Book Day. It's an ongoing effort to promote inclusivity and ensure that all children have access to books that reflect their own experiences and introduce them to new perspectives. By embracing diversity in children's literature, we can inspire young readers and create a more inclusive world.